Safely build your new home on black soil?

Black soil 1

“Once the most feared soil type on which to build anything, let alone your new family home, black soil now presents no problem if it’s done properly.” – Martin Fallon
As more and more areas are opened up for subdivision, much of it is old farmland – that often means black soil. With its’ propensity to push stumps and slabs out of the ground, it has a deserved reputation for being the proverbial bottomless financial pit.
Yet the land is often slightly cheaper compared with the more stable red soils, so it offers an immediately inducement to buy, especially for those with some financial constraints – often first home builders.
On the plus side, it can come with idyllic rural views and acreage, yet its fearsome reputation is enough to kill the deal.
However, all is not lost. You can build a stable home with no long-term structural problems if it’s done well. That’s the key.
We are the builders with the black soil know-how
As one of the longest-serving local builders on the Darling Downs, Martin Fallon Builders has decades of extensive experience successfully building on all types of soil. As one of the major builders in Dalby and Roma, where virtually all the soil is black, they know what to do.
Brick or weatherboard: You can have either on black soil
The easiest way to counter the movement of black soil is with a home on adjustable stumps. We’re probably the most experienced local builders of stump homes. It’s what we specialised in for many years before slab-on-ground became popular.
Stump homes offer some major advantages – increased airflow, elevation for views (as well as being less prone to flooding), and excellent termite resistance for starters. The key is how the stumps are set in the ground, and that does represent some increased costs. The tradeoff is an extremely stable home – even in the worst soils – that resists warping, lifting or cracking. So don’t let that block with the fantastic view get away.
Stump homes offer another significant advantage. They can be built on sloping blocks without the need to bench the site. This offers an immediate cost saving.
Brick on slab can be a cheaper option and is also possible to build a home that resists the black soil lifting problems. Again, it’s all in how the slab foundation is built. Shortcut here and you’re in for a financial rollercoaster ride long into the future. It’s something that really bothers the Martin Fallon team, as some nationally-branded builders quote for the cheapest slabs to lure people in. These cheap slabs will never, ever work in black soil country.
There are no really cheap ways to properly build on black soil, but it can be successfully done for a stable, solid home that will resist all attempts to move, warp or crack. This point cannot be over-emphasised – it’s all in how the foundations are put down.
You really need the experts for this
Martin Fallon Builders are experts in black soil. And in the long run, we will cost you a lot less than going with a budget builder who will leave you with a nightmarish financial “black hole” long after they’ve gone, and a home that has no way of being properly repaired.
Clever, “green” home designs on offer
All Martin Fallon-built new homes now incorporate clever “green” credentials to minimize energy costs and maximise the natural benefits of the landscape.
Great Home Designs – More Affordable – More Individuality
Having your new home master-built offers many advantages. It’s easy to build in your unique individuality as each plan is infinitely adjustable without incurring any plan-change price penalties, and you can submit your own plans, even if they’re just scrawled on a piece of paper. Either way, there’s little chance of another home being an exact copy of yours. It’s the best of both worlds.
More Local Knowledge
Having taken over the business reins from my well-known father more than 20 years ago, and with my two sons, Josh and Jeremy, actively building, there’s a wealth of local experience and knowledge freely accessible. Before you even buy your land, I am able to visit the block and give you an immediate assessment free of charge. Once construction begins we keep up the family approach, meeting personally with each customer, so they are kept regularly informed at every stage.
Martin Fallon Homes has won numerous industry awards since 1985 including Best Individual Home over $2 million; Best Display Home under $250,000 in 2010, 2001 Display Home of the Year $125,000-$150,000; Best Housing for Sloping Sites up to $250,000 in 2000; and Best Multi-Residential Apartment Housing 1996.
If you’d like a preliminary no-obligation bare-block assessment, or you wish to discuss individualising one of their home plans, they’d love to talk to you.