Five Tips in Designing Your Laundry

We invest a lot of time creating our kitchen area and bathrooms, but too commonly disregard the laundry. While you most likely don’t have to agonise over whether or not to install granite benchtops in this room, putting in the time to develop a cheerful, functional and healthy laundry will certainly make washing simpler and more pleasurable.
5 Tips for Designing Your Laundry
Creating a laundry is relatively simple and affordable. You do not need to spend a great deal of cash on tiles, benchtops or laundry cabinets, but you do need to spend your money sensibly. Consider the following five things when creating your laundry:
1. Waterproofing: Laundry’s are wet areas. Aside from the possibility of spills, you have to think of the effects of steam from the dryer and hot water. If you do not attend to these issues, your laundry can end up being a breeding ground for mould and mildew which could even wind up damaging your timber sub-floor or wall frames.
2. Flooring: A little water on the floor can be extremely hazardous, so choose slip-resistant flooring in this room.
3. Colour: There is nothing in the laundry room design book that states you need to have white walls, but that seems to be the colour of choice for the majority of laundry’s. Paint this space a bright, happy colour and it will end up being a more joyful workspace.
4. Space Planning: Most laundry’s are little spaces with just sufficient space for the washer, clothes dryer, a sink and possibly a couple of cabinets and overhead cabinets. Before you purchase your washer and clothes dryer, sit down and draw a layout. Do you want them to stand side-by-side or would a front load washer with the clothes dryer overhead work better for you? Think about how you can utilise your wall space? Why not install cabinets with doors rather than shelving? Do not forget to leave space for air drying items that you cannot toss in your clothes dryer.
5. Lighting: If you can install a window to allow in natural light, it will help to make the room a much healthier, more joyful area to work in. If that’s not possible, you may want to install a skylight.
Waterproofing is at the top of the list because without it, even the very best built laundry room deteriorate over the years. The floor needs to be waterproofed before your flooring is installed and floor drains must be installed. Use waterproof paint on the walls to assist prevent mould and mildew. If you can, vent your clothes dryer outdoors to keep steam levels down in the room. When selecting cabinets, ensure they are made from waterproof materials. You can invest a little less on cabinets created for dry areas, however you will be in for an undesirable surprise when you learn how swiftly you have to change them.
Lastly, there’s no reason why you can’t add a couple of individual touches to your laundry, nothing is stopping you from hanging a landscape on the wall or framing a family photo? Does your laundry detergent need to be in the box, wouldn’t it be nicer to move the detergent to a wide-mouthed container? It will be more attractive and the container will certainly make getting measured amounts of detergent much easier and reduce spills. Those little individual touches can make the difference between a smile and a frown when walk into your new laundry.
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